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Save, invest & borrow on fundall Grow wealth.

Fundall For Individuals
Fundall For Individuals

Personal finance & wealth management for you.

We are providing you with financial tools and services neccesary to build wealth and grow your business while you live a sustainable lifestyle.

You can dream big even if you start small.

We help everybody save towards all their personal goals starting with you.


Scale your Business with our automated business savings plan. Capital, Business Expansion, etc.

We help everybody accelerate their business growth starting with you.


Coming together to save is one of the bests decision friends can make.

We help everybody save with their friends starting with you.

PayDay Loan

Stress-free loans are available for salary earners.

Access up to 2 million naira without collateral and low interest.


Never be left stranded. Get fast and convenient money you need right now to settle that emergency.

Borrow money in minutes without collaterals


Quick and convenient.

Borrow money in minutes without collateral.


Showcase your products to buyers on the Fundall marketplace.

Sell on your own terms, get access to inventory financing and invest your profit. Sell your hustle as a vendor.

Fundalllifestyle Card

Managing your money just got a lot easier. With Fundall Lifestyle card, you can save as you spend, set spending limits, get cash back and enjoy many benefits.

You also get real-time alerts about how you’re spending to help you budget.

We are making entreprenuership for everyone.

Starting with you!
Save -
Build your hustle!

Get tailored savings & credit products to help you build up capital and access fast money management tools.

Sell & earn -
Open P2P Marketplace & Business support.

Sell on your own terms on Fundall Marketplace, earn securely using our escrow wallet and invest your profit.

Invest -
Invest your profit on the go!

We help you manage your hustle, reach more customers with our tailored shopping experience for both sellers and buyers and give you the option of investing your profit

Scale -
Get business loans & tailored financial lifestyle services!

We help you save to fuel your hustle. You can also take loans to expand the reach of your business.

It's all you, you, you.

We celebrate differences because we are flexible enough to. We understand what it is to live a sustainable lifestyle.

I just want my salary to last

Me, I just want to turn up

I just want to earn extra, side hustle?

Why Fundall?

Fundall is built for the ease, growth & safety of everyone

Bank-Grade Security

Your data is secured with us. We use world-class standard security and encryption technology to protect all details.

Biometric Security

App security & authorization personalized to you with our biometric security.

Asset Secured in Trust

Your wealth are held by a Trustee regulated by Securities and Exchange Commission, Nigeria (SEC) on your behalf. They ensure that your money is safe & well managed.

Instant Activation

Explore our easy, on demand and free financial advisory and planning tools to plan for the future. Design your Lifestyle!

Free Complementary Financial and Business Advising/Masterclasses.

Zero of the most annoying fees of typical bank accounts. Zero maintenance fees, inactivity fees, annual fees

24/7 Customer Support

Always available email, phone and chat based support to help you in your step.

An experience people love to talk about

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An experience people love to talk about

Our vision is to build for you, help everyone achieve their money goals and create a
digital banking experience that you have always dreamt of.

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Our vision is to build for you, help everyone achieve their money goals and create a
digital banking experience that you have always dreamt of.

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