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Business and Personal Loans for Everyone

for personal, business and corporate

Grow your business with our automated capital and inventory finance management tools.


Quick, fast and convenient.

Borrow money in minutes without collaterals.

PayDay Loan

Car, rent, school fees stress-free loans are available for salary earners. Access up to 2 million naira without collateral and low interest.

SME Loans

Our SME loans give you the opportunity to start and expand your business while you generate more income. Get financial support to achieve your business goals

Why Fundall Loans?

Fundall gives you access to your goals no matter who you are.

Go your own way

Apply for a loan in minutes from your app. No paperwork!

A fair deal

We have a tailored interest rate for you with no hidden fees. No set up charges.

Easy payback

With our easy integration you can automatically payback from your account.

Save to Borrow

If the money you have saved is not enough to fund your goal , we’ ve got your back. You can always borrow more money to achieve your goals at a very low interest rate.

Portfolio Line of Credit

In the event where an emergency occurs and you need to access the funds you have saved before its maturity date, you can borrow a percentage of the amount saved at a very low interest rate.

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