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A financial partner for everyone. Starting with you

Start saving and investing funds towards your goals and earn higher returns.

Everyone can save & invest

for business, personal or even as a group

You can dream big even if you start small.
We help everybody save towards achieving their personal goals such as House rent etc.


Scale your Business with our automated business savings plan. Capital, Business Expansion, etc.

We help everybody accelerate their business growth starting with you.


Retirement may seem like forever. But the earlier you start saving towards it the better it is for you.

We help everybody live a more fulfilled life starting with you.


Coming together to save is one of the bests decision friends can make.

We help everybody save with their friends starting with you.

Fundall, a smarter way to save and invest.

Whether you are saving, investing individually/group, saving to scale up your side hustle or building towards a goal, we have built the perfect plans to help you achieve goals with ease.
Higher interest means more money for you.

Our savings account continually optimizes for the best rate, so you're always getting the highest interest rate available.

Reach your goals.

Your dream lifestyle can be saved & invested for. Whether you are saving for a big expense like housing, car, vacation, education, family or holding on to funds until you are ready to invest, our high-interest savings is a secure place to reach your lifestyle goals faster.

No Hidden Fees.

Zero of the most annoying fees of typical bank accounts.

Is Fundall safe?

Everyone deserves a personalized secured and rewarding savings account.

Assets Secured in Trust

Your savings & investments are held by a Trustee regulated by Securities and Exchange Commission, Nigeria (SEC) on your behalf. They ensure that your money is safe & well managed.

Bank-Grade Security

Your data is secured with us. We use world-class standard security and encryption technology to protect all details.

Biometrics Security

We have built for your safety. App security & authorization personalized to you with your fingerprint security. No more password hassle or key break.

Professionally managed asset

All assets are managed by professional asset managers who ensure that the assets are efficiently invested.

An experience people love to talk about

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An experience people love to talk about

Our vision is to build for you, help everyone achieve their money goals and create a
digital banking experience that you have always dreamt of.

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Our vision is to build for you, help everyone achieve their money goals and create a
digital banking experience that you have always dreamt of.

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